For Sale: Vanson Technical Perforated Leather Sport Pants

Pre-Owned Vanson Technical Fully Perforated Leather Sport Pants / Size 35 waist / Black

Summer is almost here. If you've been thinking about a good pair of warm/hot weather riding pants.. This may be your lucky day. As I recently had some custom pants made, I no longer need this extra pair of fully perfed Vanson leather pants. The pair pictured below right is the only good pic I have of the pants..Click For Larger Image. The Alpinestar sliders are NOT included in this deal.. The other pics are of the NON-Perfed version which look 100% the same except mine have tiny ventilating holes through out. The pic at right is what almost every square inch looks like...

These have been worn less than 20 times and are just about broken in.. Perfect shape. No scratches or stains.. I even have a extra pair of knee sliders that somebody gave me that I'll throw in with the deal. While the waist size is 35, they will also fit a 34 (my size) or possibly a 35 waist as the waistline is adjustable by design..

Retail $599 at New Enough Leathers
Sell and ship within the US for $400

Details below

Competition weight drum-dyed top grade cowhide (an average of 1.5 mm thick)
Padded lower back support
Fully removable/washable athletic mesh lining
Velcro for sliders
“Street type” hip and knee armor included
Adjustable waistband
Double leather seat and knees
Tapered leg with zipper
Keprotec in crotch area and behind the knee for comfort and easy fit
Three part zipper arrangement for attachment to Mark 2 jackets
Click Here for Larger Image ..If You Dare!

Verbiage from the New Enough website....

The Technical pants are the perfect complement to Vansons Mark 2 series jackets. The cut of the pants is similar to the Vanson race suits, pre-curved knees and hip area allows for a tight tuck on a sport bike with complete comfort. Stretch panels of abrasive resistant Keprotec material built into the crotch and behind the knees also helps with the fit and easy movement on the bike. The waistband style of the pants also is a big improvement in comfort. The front of the waist is cut low so it won't dig in when leaned over, but the back of the pants has a very high waistband. This high waist in back keeps out the drafts and provides overlap with the jacket waistband for protection in case of a spill. The pants have a three zipper arrangement for attachment to jackets which should be sufficient for those wishing to use these leathers for track schools or other racing events (be sure to check with your track though as this is not exactly a full circumference zipper. The two front zippers have a two position arrangement to help adjust for varying torso heights. The pants come complete with a four piece street armor kit. You can add GP type armor to the knees if you really want to get serious with the armor. Vanson offers the pants in a solid leather design and also a fully perforated design (except the seat area is solid). The solid pants are best for cold to mild weather. Personal advice: perforated pants wont be as cold as a fully perforated jacket since pants don't get as much wind blast as a jacket, so theyll be fine for anything but cold weather, especially with some long johns underneath. By contrast though, don't expect to be comfortable in the solid version in warm or hot weather they'll cook you.

Paypal, personal check, plastic, and/or some sexual favors only.. Call 828.628.7093 EST or email me with questions . The first $400 gets them...

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